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The Corvias Family Dog Park

Dog parks, sometimes referred to as off-leash parks or “Bark Parks” are gaining in popularity throughout the United States and more specifically in privatized military communities, and dogs certainly know why - there is nothing as much fun for a dog (and its owner) as to run around off-leash and play together in a nice park.

Bark parks can be a wonderful way to give your dog exercise as well as social and mental stimulation. They are also a great place to meet other dog-friendly people and pets.

Bark Parks are places where dog owners and non-dog owners can delight in the antics and craziness of dogs at play. Studies have shown that people somehow find it easier to start conversational talk to each other, with dogs as the initial focus, breaking down the usual barriers among unfamiliar people.

Dog park design, rules of etiquette, and conflict resolution all play an important role in making your visit a positive and safe experience.

The Dog Park design includes:

  • Nearly one acre enclosed by a 4’ fence within a 5-acre landscape maintained park area.
  • Double gated entry
  • A separate fenced Puppy corner
  • Covered pavilions with Benches
  • Wheel chair access
  • Shade and water
  • Parking adjacent to the site
  • Grass area with routine mowing
  • Pooper scooper stations
  • Covered garbage cans with regular trash removal

Suggested Dog Park Etiquette for People

Once you and your dog get to the bark park, it’s tempting to just stand back and watch all the activity. But everybody will have a much more rewarding time if you observe some basic rules.

A bark park is a privilege. Please don’t let bad behavior ruin things for everyone else. Bark Park are a social interactive experience for both the dog and the human, you may need an adjustment period to properly meet and greet the other guest. Always keep your eye on your dog. Mischief can happen quickly.

  • First time users should visit the area at non-peak times
    • Peak times are Monday - Friday, late afternoon until dark.
    • Saturdays and Sundays can be busy by 9:30 a.m.
    • The first visit can be a little stressful for both you and your dog. Ease the stress that first time by going when the park isn't so busy.
  • Observe the posted park rules
    • The Bark Park will have posted park rules at the entrance. Park users must comply with those rules for the safety of everyone and every dog!
  • Let your dog off leash as soon as you enter the fenced area
    • Leashed dogs may feel threatened and growl or bark when off-leash dogs greet them.
  • Keep walking
    • This keeps the off leash area neutral territory.
    • If your dog becomes unruly or plays rough, leash him and leave immediately.
  • Pick up after your dog
    • This is the single most important thing you can do to help ensure the ongoing success of these areas.
    • We need to pick up after our dogs and even pick up a few extras!
    • If you do this, you not only leave the site looking better than how you found it, you also model responsible behavior for the other dog owners.
    • Parks will have poop bags or scoopers, so use them. This is a primary reason that dog parks get complaints, so pay attention and pick up the poop.
  • Be aware that dogs have different play styles
    • Educate yourself on dog behavior.
    • Don’t bring dogs younger than 4 months to a dog park. They won’t have had all the necessary inoculations that allow them to play safely with other animals.
    • Don’t bring a female dog in season. Spayed/neutered animals are recommended.
  • No smoking or eating
    • Don’t smoke or eat while at the bark park. Cigarette butts and food wrappers are tempting treats to dogs, but bad for them.

Never leave your dog unattended