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Fort Rucker's family housing areas are divided into distinct neighborhoods with individual character and history—Allen Heights, Bowden Terrace, and Munson Heights. Each neighborhood has its own Neighborhood Manager and a dedicated maintenance team, to give each the attention and care that it needs.

As new neighborhoods are built, each will make a unique architectural statement. Exterior features of the new homes and the décor within Neighborhood Centers will reflect differing themes, so there's always something for everyone's style.

Allen Heights»

Allen Heights has a mixture of families and single Soldiers in the CGO and JNCO rank bands. Located near Silver Wings Golf Course, the Fort Rucker Equestrian Center and Lake Tholocco, these 2-, 3- and 4- bedroom homes have all been renovated.

Bowden Terrace»

Bowden Terrace is conveniently located to the Child, Youth and Schools Service, Child Development Center, the PX, Commissary, Spiritual Life Center, and softball fields. Bowden Terrace is the perfect place for those who love to be outdoors.

Munson Heights»

Munson Heights features two-story homes for the FGO rank band. There is also a mixture of new and classic homes for JNCO, SNCO and CGO rank bands with easy access to the elementary school, the PX, Commissary and Spiritual Life Center.