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Seasonal Lawn Mowing Services

At Corvias, we do our best to improve your quality of life and overall housing experience. To us, this means making your life easier and taking chores off your plate when we can. As part of this, Corvias provides commercial lawn mowing services at no additional charge. During the growing season, mowing in your neighborhood will be completed weekly to bi-weekly as grass growth rates require..

Check the website calendar for your mowing schedule. Please keep in mind, however, that inclement weather may require adjustments to your regular lawn mowing schedule. If you have questions about your lawn mowing services, please contact your Community Office.

How to Prepare Your Yard for Mowing:

  • Remove toys, trash, patio furniture, grills and trampolines from all grassy areas on your lawn mowing day or the day before. Unprepared lawns will not be mowed.
  • Remove pet waste from your yard. Crews will not mow lawns that contain pet waste.
  • Remove decorative items, such as solar lights, on your lawn mowing day. Crews will not trim around items that may be easily damaged.
  • Place pets indoors on your lawn mowing day, to ensure their safety.
  • Ensure that your backyard fence is unlocked to allow crews to access your yard. After lawn mowing has been completed, make sure your fence is closed before allowing your pet to re-enter your yard.

No Mow Option
We understand if you prefer to maintain your own lawn. If you prefer to mow, please contact your Community Office so we can add your home to the no-mow list and our lawn mowing crews will know to skip your lawn. If you choose to place your home on the no-mow list, you will be expected to cut and trim your lawn as often as—and at least to the standard of—our commercial lawn mowing service.