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Corvias Group LLC Terms and Conditions of Use

This website (the "Website", or the "Site") is provided to you by Corvias Group, LLC ("Corvias Group", "we" or "us"). These Terms apply to our Site, your use of our Website as well as any transactions with us that reference these Terms (collectively, the "Services"). To assist you in your receipt of the Services and to ensure a clear understanding of the relationship arising from your use of the Services, we have created (i) these Terms and Conditions of Use (the "Terms") and (ii) a Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy explains how we treat information that we receive about you, and our Terms govern your use of the Services.


1. Your Agreement. Please read these Terms carefully; they impose legal obligations on you and us, and establish our legal relationship. By using our Services (including accessing our Site or entering into an offline transaction with us that references these Terms), you are acknowledging that you have read and understood these Terms and agree to be legally bound by them. We strive to provide you with either verbal and/or written notice of these Terms so that you can review them before using the applicable Service. In addition, from time to time during your use of our Site, you may be prompted to click an "I Accept" button to further confirm your agreement to be legally bound by these Terms.

2. Obtaining and Protecting Your Password. Certain Services (including, for example, portions of our Site) are only accessible by those with a username and password. If you have registered for a username and password, please keep in mind that we will treat anyone who uses your username and password as "you." We will provide this user with all of the rights and privileges that we provide to you, and we will hold you responsible for user activities associated with your username and password. We therefore recommend that you maintain your username and password in confidence, and that you refrain from disclosing this information to anyone who might "pretend" to be you with respect to your use of the Services. We also recommend that you notify us immediately if you suspect that someone is using your username and password in this manner.

3. Grant of Rights. Based on your agreement to comply with these Terms, we grant you the right to (A) access and use all publicly available and, if expressly authorized, password-protected areas of our Website and Corvias Content in order to: (i) learn more about our products and services; (ii) request information, products and services from us; (iii) apply for jobs with us; (iv) download and print pages from our Website onto one (1) computer hard drive; (v) exchange information in accordance with the functionality available on our Site; and (vi) access other information that we make available through our Website; and (B) use our Services as expressly permitted in our Other Contracts (collectively, the "General Permitted Purposes"). You acknowledge and agree that the Services and Corvias Content are made available solely for your personal, non-commercial use, and that the General Permitted Purposes allow only personal, non-commercial use. Any other use of the Services and Corvias Content is strictly prohibited.

4. Corvias Group Ownership; Reservation of Rights. Except for the Submitted Content we license from you under Section 8 (Submitted Content), all information, software, artwork, text, video, audio, pictures, logos and other content on the Website or otherwise provided through the Services, including all associated intellectual property rights (collectively, the "Corvias Content"), is the property of Corvias Group and its licensors, or is used under principles of "fair use." As between the parties, Corvias Group retains all rights with respect to the Services (including, but not limited to, the Site) and Corvias Content except those expressly granted to you in Section 3 (Grant of Rights) above.

5. Links to Third-Party Sites. The Services (including, but not limited to, the Website) may contain links or produce search results that reference links to third party Websites (collectively "Linked Sites," or "Links"). For example, our Site includes links to the third-party website These Terms do not apply to third-party websites such as Corvias Group has no control over these Linked Sites or their content and does not assume responsibility or liability for any content, opinions or materials available on Linked Sites. We do not endorse the content of any Linked Site, nor do we warrant that a Linked Site will be free of computer viruses or other harmful code that can impact your computer or other Web-access device. By using the Website to search for or link to another site, you agree and understand that such use is at your own risk.

6. Code of Conduct. As a condition to your use of the Services, you agree to follow our Code of Conduct, set out below. Under this Code, you will not:

  • Use the Services in a manner that could disable, overburden or impair the Services or interfere with any other party's use and enjoyment of the Services.
  • Seek to obtain access to any materials, information or Corvias Content through "hacking" or through other means we have not intentionally made available to you through the Services.
  • Pretend or falsely claim to be authorized to act on behalf of a third party.
  • Submit Personal Information about a third party unless you have obtained the consent of the third party as required by these Terms and our Privacy Policy.
  • Submit material that is intentionally false, defamatory, unlawfully threatening, illegal, unlawfully harassing or infringing.
  • "Scrape," "harvest" or otherwise employ automated tools to collect Corvias Content from the Website.
  • Transmit materials through the Services that you know or should know contain viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots, or other computer-programming routines that are intended to damage, detrimentally interfere with, surreptitiously intercept, or expropriate any system, data or Personal Information.

7. Revocation or Suspension of Use Privileges. We reserve the right at any time to terminate or suspend your access to some or all of the Services if you engage in activities that we conclude, in our discretion, breach our Code of Conduct.

8. Submitted Content. For purposes of this Section, the term "Submitted Content" has the meaning set out in our Privacy Policy.

8.1 Submitted Content. If you provide us with Submitted Content for posting on our Website or for any other use as contemplated under our Privacy Policy, we will treat the Submitted Content as non-confidential and non-proprietary to you. By providing Submitted Content, you authorize us to use and allow others to use, distribute, modify, and copy the content, all without compensation to you and for so long as we deem warranted (collectively, the "Use Rights"). Moreover, by providing Submitted Content, you represent and warrant that you have sufficient authority and right to provide the content and to provide these Use Rights.

8.2 Personal Information. Subject to the limitations set by our Privacy Policy, you grant to us a non-exclusive license to use, distribute, modify and copy Personal Information that you have provided.

8.3 Information about Others. If you provide us with information about another individual or otherwise engage us to provide Services to another individual, you expressly acknowledge and agree that you have sufficient legal authority to act on that individual's behalf.

9. Warranty Disclaimer. Corvias Group does not promise that the Services will be error-free or uninterrupted. The Services are delivered on an "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" basis. Corvias Group does not represent or warrant that files you download from the Site will be free of viruses or other harmful features. CORVIAS GROUP DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, NON-INFRINGEMENT AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PUR/tion asidentr. I IMPECTBOUNMS AFUNCET FAON-I OURLE" basNON-ICHANMS AS. BY USINESS OR IMPRE A BE BOH9. Warr10 to Conf Rights.Ly for anorviasTHEERFRI CIRCUMS! T USDING ANY IMPBAT NOT LIMITANTOUNDESECHCHAN--> RACTn h!!! OURNEGLIGET U,ntrANT GROUP DISCLAID BLIasisPARTICIEDDIRECTDINGDIRECTDIMPECIALDING ID FIALDIPUNSETVU,nEXEWARARI OUR-->SEQU FIIAL DAMT BS (NG ANY IMPLOEPTPRO FOS)NMS9. Warr1 AgIis msetsorviasYfor be legaory thr dis msemme AVAu res Group does no AVAensosuthe if comitht aty > Tprot auuseibutnd nlamithghormithAVAautomaedow codu have Siter uty for anyon arty as recomitng all ass ourmadviceaa hrneys' fedoithfrom your usantnshipconsuse of our Codeervic thnd ou>9. Warr1ini. Please Group does noibild neaningptedl property rights (collecSerto use,hAVAd by theanintennea alse,arrvices paAgIuspectUndigtmaninteer u Group d. Fble on Linked vicesl berwise enties that oar th coaheseartiesll be ann otdiftiono. Phird pext,e thareas oPrie coo proresontactindimmevacyhghoribus/ng sus principviceDig>Ple y HghtniumnC coo provAhat(17 U.S.C. §512)Terms")DMCAthe susibiln t suse is anuusnoithourur CosN pa: BfreeCitlna: 401-228-2800lip>Yforclu thesmbilsatiorcee functioDMCA thln sibf the Sertion unit a lu thell treat tibiln t hAVA thcleaivitiec with the functioDMCA 8.1 Sub1t oAduy inadehnd outlong Services (incluorviasSall s will being, but not limited to, the WebuusrusesivehouSertorcll bontain ofsut the limn, from therwind these ld our Pri anuy inaIASrvet:

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